Dead Rising Game bike (Chucks chainsaw dirt bike)




We were commissioned by international advertising & design company - HEAD FIRST on behalf of CAPCOM world leading console games company,
to replicate the deadly motocross bike featured in the Zombie killing game - Dead Rising 2.
We built the Dead Rising bike whilst under our old company name: Purissima Corse/Sport & Custom Motorcycles and at our old business location.

The bike is to be used and featured for promotional purposes around Europe to coincide with the X-Box and PS3 release of the game.

A first for us.. based around a motocross bike, we have to detail the actual "real" bike to match the in game bike,
complete with real chainsaws!

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The donor bike.
We search the options for a donor bike to break down and start to re-design and build from the ground up.
We finally found the right bike to the job. So the build was based around a Honda CR Motocross bike.

The strip down.
We break the bike completely ready to create from scratch.

Engine is stripped, prepared and finished in ultra smooth enamel, perfect match of the in-game bike colours.

Top and Bottom fork yokes are prepared and finished in ultra smooth enamel paint.

Moving onto the Gold items featured on the bike. Sprockets, Brakes discs and forks.
Again prepped and painted.

Although the computer generated game bike has alloy looking wheels, in 'real life' motocross bikes have spoked wheels for strength.
With this in mind the wheels are stripped, prepped and finished in Dark Grey enamel with a hint of metallic to colour match the games bike wheels.
Tyres, rear sprocket and the front & rear brake discs refitted.

The frame, swing arm and rear sub-frame spend 2 days in our machine shop and mirror polished
The engine, rear shock and yokes are re fitted

Details on the engine are added, including the carburettor and front sprocket, both coated in Black enamel

Forks finished in Gold, yokes and wheels fitted. The bike starts to take shape at this point, adding
the game bikes individual details during the course of rebuilding

After more detailing around the bike, fitting the controls etc. The 'Silver' chain is fitted. We create and apply the 'Suzumu' Decals

We start to fit some of the newly painted body panels, fenders, fork guards etc

We refit the fuel tank and body panels now they are finished in the game bike paint scheme

We supply the 2 petrol motor chainsaws with 20" blade bars! We strip and paint them to game bike specification
We then fabricate the mounting brackets to hold them to the front of the bike and fit the saws in place

We now fit the the seat, re-trimmed in Black, line details created and colour matched to the game bike

Next we replicate the strapping of the chainsaws to the bike with Silver gaffa tape

Here we have fabricated a custom display stand the bike will be fixed to for travel and display purposes
This will allow spectators to sit on the bike safely for photographs etc, when CAPCOM use the bike on tour

The finished bike... This is - "Dead Rising"

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